New Disease Reports update February 2019

Nerine virus on Haemanthus

First report of Nerine latent virus in Haemanthus albiflos in the UK


New Disease Reports (2019) 39, 3.

W.A. Monger and R.J. Eden


Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9FJ, United Kingdom

Received: 12 Nov 2018; Published: 22 Jan 2019

Haemanthus albiflos is a flowering plant native to South Africa and Namibia. A member of the family Amaryllidaceae, it is an evergreen bulbous perennial with unusual flowers that give it the common name of paintbrush. Tolerance for indirect sunlight and neglect has made this a popular houseplant in countries where it would not survive the winter climate. One such house plant bought at a UK nursery in the late 1990's, was later recognised as showing mild streaking symptoms consistent with a virus infection (Fig. 1). The authors can find no record of viruses associated with Haemanthus albiflos but the related plant Haemanthus multiflorus (blood lily) recently removed from the Haemanthus genus and renamed Scadoxus multiflorus,is a host for Nerine latent virus (NeLV) (Chen et al., 2016). From accessions on the NCBI database blood lily is also recorded as a host plant for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).