AHDB Potato Seed Industry Event

15 Nov 2018 9am - 15 Nov 2018 5pm

Seed Industry Event 2018, 15 November at the Fairmont, St Andrews in 2018.

This years event will have a major theme focusing on what the future may hold for the seed trade in a post-Brexit world and how to make the most of the global export market opportunities Brexit will present. Furthermore, a host of international experts will also discuss other key topics such as plant health, exports, and marketing. Great Britain’s seed’s high health status is one of its main selling points, which is why that status is another major theme of this year’s event. The conference will also feature a number of workshops where the latest research on key topics such as blackleg and aphid and virus will be revealed, and there will also be sessions on the Safe Haven Scheme and the benefits of benchmarking.

For more information on the event click here.

Image of Ian Toth and Gerry Saddler at the AHDB Potato seed industry event