Call for Projects



There are currently three calls for projects  

- (PHC2019_04) Assessment of large-scale plant biosecurity risks to Scotland: Non-specialist and online horticultural sales

- (PHC2019_05) Assessment of large-scale plant biosecurity risks to Scotland: Large scale plantings for landscaping and infra-structure projects

- (PHC2019_06) Assessment of large-scale plant biosecurity risks to Scotland: Large scale tree plantings for environmental benefits


Further details are available here


Information on these projects

Indicative cost is £40,000 per project.

These three self-contained but closely related projects collectively aim to better understand potential large-scale threats to plant biosecurity in Scotland.

Tender applications can either be for a single project, two projects or all three.  A separate application form should be completed for each project. 

On commissioning, the project partners from all three projects will be expected to meet regularly to ensure cross-fertilisation of ideas and information. 

Anyone interested in completing this work should send a completed application form to by the deadline. 


Date of Publication: Thursday 21st November 2019

Deadline for questions: 12:00 on Thursday 12th December 2019 (please write to )

Deadline for submission of application: 12:00 on Thursday 19th December 2019

Applicants will be told of our decision in January 2020

Expected start date will be early February 2020


Relevant documentation:

PHC funding Terms and Conditions

Guidance on writing PHC project reports.


Questions and Answers:

Please address all questions to . Questions asked by those interested in submitting an application, together with answers to those questions, will be made available here