National Plant Health Week

27 Sep 2020 9am - 27 Sep 2020 5pm



National Plant Health Week

Scotland’s plants underpin the health of the nation, but plant pests and diseases can cause major economic, environmental, and social costs. Increased global movements of plants and soil, coupled with the effects of climate change, are allowing novel pests and diseases to take hold or endemic ones to flourish. To raise awareness of these issues, and coinciding with the UK Plant Health Week (19-27 September), Scotland’s Plant Health Centre has launched a set of five Key Principles, which outline important steps to protect Scotland’s plant resources.

Scotland’s five Key Principles for Plant Health are:

  • Source plants with care: Human movement of plants is an important pathway for spreading pests and diseases which may hitchhike on plants, in seed, soil and packaging.
  • Keep it clean: Biosecurity best practice can reduce the spread and establishment of plant pests and diseases. These organisms may be microscopic and can easily go unnoticed.
  • Plan now for future challenges: Designing, modifying and managing systems to increase their resilience can reduce the impacts of pests and pathogens in future.
  • Embed plant health in policies and practices: Developing consistent practices, incentives, guidance and regulation can minimise the risk of outbreaks and their consequences.
  • Promote widespread understanding and awareness of plant health threats: Informed individuals and businesses can minimise threats to plant health and reduce the unwanted impacts of pests and diseases.

These principles will be the focus of a series of short stories, released over the course of UK Plant Week, to bring the Principles to life and celebrate Scotland’s plant-based assets. Keep an eye out of these via our twitter account (@planthealthscot) and here on our website starting on Saturday 19th September.