UK Climate Predictions 2018 workshop

11 Mar 2019 11am - 11 Mar 2019 4pm

ECCI Conference Room, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

UKCP 2018 workshop

A Sefari-funded workshop with relevant stakeholders across organisations delivering the Scottish Government research portfolio, including the Centres of Expertise, and wider research community, business, agencies and policy communities. The aim is to develop a longer-term network of collaboration for knowledge and experience sharing to use the UKCP18 most effectively. By focusing on the use of the projections it is planned that they will serve as a medium through which stakeholder interaction on climate change action will be achieved. 

The workshop will be a knowledge exchange and elicitation opportunity at which stakeholders can learn about the new projections, detail their experience with the UKCP09, and facilitate co-construction of networking and further knowledge sharing on using the UKCP18.