To find out more about future events and to see the programme, presentations and other information from past events please click on the links below. 

13 Mar 2019, 9am - 2pm
North Fife Rotary Club Careers Fair for P6 and P7 children in North East Fife
11 Mar 2019, 11am - 4pm
A Sefari-funded workshop with relevant stakeholders across organisations delivering the Scottish Government research portfolio to develop a longer-term network of collaboration for knowledge and experience sharing to use the UKCP18 most effectively.
7 Mar 2019, 11am - 4pm
The Scottish Society for Crop Research functions through its crop sub-committees for combinable and energy crops, potatoes and soft fruit organising indoor and outdoor events to disseminate research findings and other information of relevance to their respective industries.
20 Feb 2019, 7pm - 8pm
Prof Ian Toth will present his views on 'Reducing the global burden of crop pests and diseases' at the British Science Association free public lecture series 2018-19
15 Nov 2018, 9am - 5pm
Seed Industry Event 2018, 15 November at the Fairmont, St Andrews in 2018.
5 Nov 2018 9am - 6 Nov 2018 9am
Prof Chris Quine and Prof Gerry Saddler will attend the Biodiversity Science Conference to discuss plant health and a wide range of other issues at the Biodiversity Science Conference
9 Aug 2018, 8am - 4pm
Potatoes in Practice is the largest field-based potato event in the UK. Meet members of the industry and listen to Prof Ian Toth's introduction to the Plant Health Centre (Scotland's Plant Health Centre of Expertise).
30 Jul 2018 9am - 3 Aug 2018 5pm
Prof Ian Toth will attend the ICPP to speak about diseases caused by Pectobacterium species and will introduce the Plant Health Centre to an international audience of leading plant health experts.
19 Jul 2018, 3pm - 7pm
Visit Fruit for the Future to learn more about the Plant Health Centre