Impact of plant health on Scotland's iconic drinks industry receives widespread media attention during national Plant Health Week

The Plant Health Centre SART members and Directorate produced a series of blogs and videos highlighting the impact of plant pests and diseases on some of Scotland's iconic plant-based assets to coincide with the UK Plant Health Week, which is part of the UN's International Year of Plant Health. One of these 'short stories' was a blog on the risks that plant health poses to our Whisky and Gin industries. This has been picked up as a news item by national outlets such as the Times and the Daily Mail (It's grim and chronic) as well as tv and radio segments. We are extremely pleased to have been able to highlight the importance of plant health to such a wide audience, and hope that the public take on board the messaging around steps that they can take to protect the health of Scotland's plants.

Image by Ernest_Roy at Pixabay