Import/Export Advice from DERFA - No Deal Brexit

Import/Export Advice from DERFA - No Deal Brexit

There is a distinct possibility that the UK could leave the EU under a "no-deal" scenario.

As part of these preparations it is essential that the necessary resources are in place to ensure we can continue to both protect the nation’s plant biosecurity and support trade with the EU, facilitating the smooth flow of goods between the UK and the EU.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has produced guidance documents to guide importers and exporters of plant products to help they determine, if there is a no deal Brexit, what the changes to import and export processes might mean for business.

Further guidance is available at
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Please see information contained in the following guidance documents:

How to trade plants and plant products

Importing/Exporting plants and plant products if there is a no deal Brexit

Plants and plant products - Importers/Exporters

Image: DENDROCTONUS MICANS. Fully mature adult great spruce bark beetle. © Crown Copyright. Forestry Commission