New funding available for plant health innovations

Defra and UK Research & Innovation have recently launched a new fund for UK biosecurity. The Small Business Research Initiative: Plant Health Innovations for Biosecurity is now open to applicants. The deadline for submission is 11:00 Wednesday 20 December 2023.

Up to £800,000 has been made available to tackle the threat of regulated plant pests and diseases, with the initiative seeking to support the development and trial of innovations to enhance plant health inspections, both at the border and in-land, pest and disease surveillance and management of infected commodities. 

The fund will help to put technologies into the hands of a range of users, including the Plant Health & Seed Inspectorate and Forestry Commission Inspectors, as well as those in trade, to improve shared plant health and biosecurity objectives. Collaboration and codesign are strongly encouraged, with the competition open to registered businesses, charities, Non-Governmental Organisations and research organisations eligible for UKRO funding.

Visit the Innovation Funding Service for the full competition specification and application details.