New guide to ash dieback and its management in Scotland published by The Tree Council

The Tree Council has published a concise guide to ash dieback for homeowners or landowners in Scotland. The Guide for Tree Owners in Scotland provides helpful information for anyone responsible for managing ash trees and highlights specific policy and resources relevant to Scotland.

The guide covers ash tree identification and health assessment, as well as how to decide what steps may be needed to meet your responsibilities.

It is important to remember that anyone with a tree on their land has a legal responsibility to ensure that risk posed by the tree is kept within appropriate limits, particularly if they are next to a busy road, public pathway or community grounds.

The guide includes;

  • Visual ID guide to ash trees and ash dieback symptoms
  • Summary of legal responsibilities
  • Explanation of remedial management options
  • Advice on seeking professional help
  • Frequently asked questions

The guide is free to download on the Tree Council Website.