New Scottish measures to fight Xyllela and other plant health threats

In response to the continuous plant health threats from Xylella fastidiosa, in consultation with  stakeholders and the Plant Health Authorities in England, changes will be made  from 21 April 2020 (Defra) and  27 June 2020 (Scotland) to strengthen measures against Xylella, emerald ash borer, canker stain of plane and elm yellows.


The new Defra legislation for direct imports into England is summarised here with further details provided in an annex.


Xylella fastidiosa is a plant-pathogenic bacterium that infects a very wide range of plants. It is already heavily regulated to reduce the likelihood of it entering the UK. However, based on recent information about the risk situation some further strengthening of requirements for the import and movement of high risk host species is now needed. Plant genera / species covered in the new regulation against X. fastidiosa are: almond, Coffea, lavender, Nerium oleander, Polygala myrtifolia, olive and rosemary.


If you currently receive such plants from suppliers in other countries, please contact HMU ( about the implications of the new regulations.


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