Phytophthora ramorum on larch Action Plan (reviewed)

Scottish Forestry’s "Phytophthora ramorum on larch Action Plan" has recently been reviewed, and the revised document published on Scottish Forestry's Website. It details the strategic approach being taken to control the spread of Phytophthora ramorum infection as part of the sustainable management of Scotland’s forests.

The review was led by Scottish Forestry, with the input of sector representatives from the Scottish Tree Health Advisory Group (STHAG), including representatives from CONFOR, private sector managers, Forestry and Land Scotland and Forest Research. It was agreed that the current policy approach should continue, and that the risk zones (Priority Action Zone and Risk Reduction Zone) established in June 2021 should remain in place, with no changes to the boundaries.

The Action Plan will next be reviewed in July 2023, retaining the option to review earlier in response to new scientific advice or a significant change in the observed spread of Phytophthora ramorum in Scotland.