Plant Health Alliance launch 5-year plan

The Plant Health Alliance (owner of the freely-available Plant Health Management Standard and the Governing Body of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme) released their 5-year plan on the 9th of January 2023, to coincide with the Plant biosecurity strategy for Great Britain (2023 to 2028) launch.

The 5-year plan can be found on the Plant Healthy website

The purpose of the Plant Health Alliance is "To promote and enhance plant health and biosecurity measures to protect plant species and associated ecosystems (natural capital) in the United Kingdom and beyond".

The 5-year plan sets out the Goals for the next 5 years and a roadmap with priority areas for achieving these goals.

The Plant Health Alliance oversees the development, review and revision of the Plant Health Management Standard, which is a freely available resource "intended to assist businesses and organisations in the development of a consistent plant biosecurity management system. The overarching aim of this standard is to minimise the threat of notifiable pests being spread via the live plant supply chain. The standard sets out the requirements for an integrated plant biosecurity management system for a business or organisation, including periodic reviews for the continual improvement of management processes."