Sharing Scottish and Indian plant health expertise

In April this year, two members of the Plant Health Centre, Prof. Adam Kleczkowski and Dr. Vincent Keenan travelled to the National Institute of Plant Health Management in Hyderabad, India, to take part in an international workshop on protecting food security in South East Asian countries by developing early-warning and ready response systems for invasive weed incursions. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the University of Stirling, the University of Strathclyde, and with Fera Science limited with the help of the Global Challenges Research Fund. The workshop was held over two days with the first as an information gathering day through presentations by the delegates, and the second as interactive breakout sessions to develop strategies to tackle some of the issues raised on the previous day. The workshop was a tremendous success in highlighting how the challenges of monitoring and developing solutions within plant health are both similar, yet different, in both India and Scotland. This workshop facilitated further collaboration in tackling the water pest Water Hyacinth, which renders 25% of the waterways and lakes in India unusable by local farmers, fishermen and anyone who relies on those waterways for their livelihood. This workshop has demonstrated the commitment of Scotland’s Plant Health Centre to share expertise in helping to develop solutions internationally.



Adam attending a ceremony

Adam attending a ceremony at the National Institute of Plant Health Management in Hyderabad, India

Vincent in discussions with Indian colleagues

Vincent in discussions on plant health with Indian colleagues at the National Institute of Plant Health Management in Hyderabad, India