UK Government publishes draft Border Target Operating Model (BTOM)

A new draft of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) has been published by the UK Government (5th April 2023), which can be found here.

This sets out a new model for importing goods into the UK from countries inside and outside the EU. The BTOM proposes a new approach to security controls (applying to all imports), and Sanitary and Phytosanitary controls (applying to imports of live animals, germinal products, animal products, plants and plant products) at the border.

BTOM will include a global risk-based approach (high, medium or low), rely on simplified and digitised health certificates, and introduce trusted trader schemes that will be piloted with industry, where authorised importers of plants, plant products and some animal products may be eligible for streamlined controls.

In addition, there is an online survey for feedback, here.