Final Report and Policy Document

Action Research to gain a deeper understanding of large-scale biosecurity risks to Scotland

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This project has developed a systems approach, in the context of plant health biosecurity risks in the retail, infrastructure landscaping and planting in the natural environment, to facilitate further understanding of key organisations and identify general and specific leverage points at which interventions could have a significant effect on the system. It achieved this through the application of mixed method and participatory action research, including participatory workshops, an interactive exercise at Scotland’s Plant Health Conference 2022, and co-design of leverage points and action points with landscape architects, construction company manager and garden designers. Typically, highlighted interventions include provision of plant health training and education for accreditation and in CPD, wider education and awareness and interventions in relation to practices and policies, often targeting key checklists or certification schemes. The project made recommendations that interventions should be undertaken in partnership with plant health organisations and in collaboration with key individuals in targeted organisations to ensure that cross-border solutions are co-designed and embedded within professional processes. More specific recommendations for different types of activities/businesses are made in the final report.