Policy Document

Assessment of large-scale biosecurity risks to Scotland

Trossachs National Park

PHC commissioned an assessment of large-scale biosecurity risks with a focus on three areas of concern:

  1. non-specialist and online horticulture sales;
  2. landscaping and infrastructure;
  3. planting for environmental benefits.

An additional area was the potential for modelling to support decision making across these areas of concern.  This policy report summaries each report and highlights the key findings and suggested actions inlcuding:

  • The impacts of emerging plant health threats are poorly understood across sectors in Scotland resulting in a lack of preparedness for future pest and pathogen outbreaks
  • Widespread lack of clarity on individual and organisational responsibility for plant health in planting schemes produces inconsistent approaches to biosecurity
  • System wide structural support is needed to enhance plant biosecurity in Scotland given the increasing frequency of threats from pests and pathogens and the complexity of the supply chain via which plant material is obtained
  • Biosecurity actions vary widely across sectors with very little cross-sector learning or collaboration on plant health