Final Report and Policy Document

PHC2018/10 Network analysis – where do people get their plant health information?

Network graph of the most important brokers of information on Twitter of plant health information in Scotland

There has been increasing concern over plant health, especially over the past decade. The risks of invasion and spread of new pests and pathogens have escalated due to globalisation, international trade, climate change and changes in social practice. In order to understand these risks and be able to plan and put into place solutions, we need effective knowledge production, exchange and implementation.


Scotland’s Plant Health Centre (PHC) wanted to understand where in Scotland people obtained information about plant health to enable more effective management. Together, University of St Andrews, Forest Research Scotland and SRUC undertook this review and scoping research to begin to address this issue and to offer initial recommendations.



  1. To sketch a conceptual framework for plant health knowledge flows
  2. To review plant health knowledge flows amongst stakeholders
  3. To discuss potential stakeholders and engagement
  4. To empirically scope existing and potential knowledge flows
  5. To employ social network analysis to scope knowledge flows
  6. To provide conclusions and recommendations