Questions and Feedback

PHC2018/11 Online plant health resource bank

Question 1: Can you please clarify whether applicants will be required to have web development capability?

Answer 1: The expectation is that the resource bank will be available on the Plant Health Centre web site by the end of the project, so liaison with a person able to undertake web development may be necessary.


PHC2018/07 Use of mobile technology

Question 1: What does the call want to look at?  Is it the use of all mobile technology such as hand devices or is it specifically meaning using the mobile phone and the apps associated with it? 

Answer 1: The idea of the project is to determine what mobile web-based applications are available for plant health, e.g. in identifying, monitoring and reporting plant health issues. This includes the use of phone apps and web-based software on a computer but does not include other hand held devices such as ELISA or PCR-based diagnostics tools.   

Question 2: One of the objectives is to discuss mobile technologies with stakeholders so would there be the opportunity to do this through the Centre or I would need to arrange something independently?

Answer 2: It would be the responsibility of the project leader to arrange a meeting(s) with stakeholders, although the Plant Health Centre management would assist where possible in identifying suitable stakeholder groups with which to engage.