Crop Production in Northern Britain 2022

2 Mar 2022 10am - 2 Mar 2022 4pm

Virtual Event Tuesday 1st March and Wednesday 2nd March 2022

19th Dundee Conference Crop Production in Northern Britain 2022 supported by AHDB and SSCR

Our Sector Lead Prof Fiona Burnett's presentation about pesticide withdrawals referenced the Plant Health Centre publications, linked below:

PHC2018/15: Potential Impacts Arising from Pesticide Withdrawals to Scotland's Plant Health

PHC2020/09: Economic Impact of Pesticide Withdrawals to Scotland, with Case Studies


Henry Criessen and Elliot Meador presentations covered PHC supported project on Intergrated Pest Management uptake and Scotland's IPM assessment tool are linked below:

PHC project Identifying links between farmer and agronomist perceptions on pest and disease risk, the information sources they use to determine pesticide usage and the uptake of IPM methods

Scotland's IPM assessment tool


The Plant Health Centre published a report to outline the approach to tackling the future threat of PCN in Scotland. 

PCN Working Group final report

John Jones spoke about the resulting project at the meeting.