Summary of outcomes from the stakeholder launch event on 22nd May 2018

During a very successful launch event for the Plant Health Centre on 22nd May 2018 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, a series of workshops was held to address a number of questions posed to the attendees.

These included: 

Workshop A - What are the priority plant health issues? 

Workshop B – What can the Plant Health Centre do to help?

  •      What are the gaps in current provision?
  •      How can the Plant Health CoE help?

Workshop C – What are the plant health networks and information flows?

  •      What plant health networks already exist?
  •      What are the knowledge flows? 

The outcomes of those discussions have been synthesised into a table to assist the Centre in addressing priorities (including the potential commissioning of projects), and to help focus further stakeholder engagement and events.

Thank you to all those who took part.   

To see a table of outcomes click here