James Price

The James Hutton Institute


Project Lead: James Price
Root-knot nematodes (RKN, Meloidogyne spp.) are the most economically damaging plant-parasitic nematodes worldwide and consume up to 10% of all global agricultural outputs. Fortunately, RKN has not yet been identified in Scottish soils and soil temperatures are currently too cool to support some RKN species. Although species such as M. fallax are already a recognised problem in other parts of the UK, no detailed assessment of the presence of RKN in the UK, has been made. Scotland provides 77% of the UKs seed potatoes and with increased soil temperatures likely due to climate change, there is an increased risk posed by RKN to the Scottish potato industry.

The aim of this project is to assess the risk posed by RKN to the potato industry in Scotland and to identify new sources of resistance in the Commonwealth Potato Collection (germplasm collection containing 1500 accessions of about 80 wild and cultivated potato species) that will help mitigate this risk.

This project was selected for funding from the Project Call: “Enhancing preparedness against pests and diseases: plugging evidence gaps for Scotland”.