Development of a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for Scotland’s Plant Health Centre

Project Lead: Rehema White
Host Institution: University of St Andrews, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Project Date: 4 January 2021 to 30 April 2021
Reference Number:
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We have commissioned a project to review and further develop the PHC’s Communications Strategy to help develop further networks and collaborations, while building on existing relationships to improve knowledge flows in relation to plant health across Scotland. This project will draw on and align with previous and ongoing PHC research projects and will address:

1. What is the overall goal and vision for PHC and how do we articulate this for different groups and sectors?
2. What do we want to communicate, when and to whom?
3. How do we want to communicate to different audiences and for these different purposes?
4. How do we optimise budget and human resource in communicating about plant health?

Impact: The outcome of this project will be a Communication Strategy outlining the goal of communication, roles and responsibilities and a process, including an annual cycle of reflection to permit update or modification on a regular basis and linking to the communication matrix.
Sustainability Scientist
Institution: University of St Andrews
Institution: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh