Plant Biosecurity Resources – increasing the accessibility of notifiable plant pest information for Professional Operators

Project Lead: Matt Elliot, Alistair Yeomans
Host Institution: Plant Health Alliance, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Project Date: 20 March 2023 to 31 August 2023
Reference Number:
Flowers - Image by Marin at PixaBay
This project addresses concerns that stakeholders, many of which will be registered as professional operators and issuing plant passports, are lacking confidence in their notifiable pest risk knowledge. For example, some people can find the UK Plant Health Risk Register (PHRR) an intimidating resource that cannot be easily searched by plant host species. The project will help address this issue by providing professional operators with the critical information on high-risk notifiable pests, in an easily accessible format, in order to support professional operators, meet their regulatory responsibilities.

PHC2022/08 will create summary overview documents that cross references the 39 notifiable pests (from the PHRR) with management measures and the requirements of the Plant Health Management Standard. Therefore, plant pest information will be presented in manner to support businesses and organisations conduct a Site and Operations Pest Risk Analysis.

PHC2022/08 is 50% match-funded from Defra
Impact Officer: Horticulture and the Natural Environment
Institution: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh