Action Oak Annual Report 22-23 Published

Action Oak has published it's 22-23 Annual Report (link to the report in the news article).

We are hiring! Plant Health Communications Officer

We are hiring a Plant Health Communications Officer (through Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh) to help coordinate our Knowledge Exchange and Impact activities. Role is part time, with hybrid working as an option. Deadline of 15th May.

UK Government publishes draft Border Target Operating Model (BTOM)

A new draft of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) has been published by the UK Government, along with an online survey for feedback.

Plant Health Alliance launch 5-year plan

The Plant Health Alliance (owner of the freely-available Plant Health Management Standard and the Governing Body of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme) released their 5-year plan to coincide with the Plant biosecurity strategy for Great Britain (2023 to 2028) launch.

Phytophthora pluvialis update: Restrictions on felling and timber movement to be lifted following disease risk assessment

Restrictions on the felling and movement of timber from demarcated areas in Scotland affected by the tree disease Phytophthora pluvialis will be lifted as of 24th January 2023.

This move follows research which showed that the risk of the disease spreading via timber material is low.

New biosecurity strategy to protect food security, trade and plant health

The new Great Britain-wide strategy sets out five-year vision for plant health and biosecurity. Actions include increased e-commerce monitoring and strengthening outbreak response capabilities

Ips cembrae bark beetle intercepted in west of Scotland

A small number of Ips cembrae bark beetles have been intercepted in the west of Scotland conifer bark beetle Pest Free Area. Ground surveys have not detected any breeding populations, but a temporary cessation of movement of larch to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has been put in place until further surveillance is completed.

Phytophthora ramorum on larch Action Plan (reviewed)

Scottish Forestry’s "Phytophthora ramorum on larch Action Plan" has recently been reviewed. The current policy approach will continue, and the risk zones (Priority Action Zone and Risk Reduction Zone) established in June 2021 will remain in place, with no changes to the boundaries. The Action Plan will next be reviewed in July 2023.

New guide to ash dieback and its management in Scotland published by The Tree Council

The Tree Council has published a concise guide to ash dieback for homeowners or landowners in Scotland. The Guide for Tree Owners in Scotland provides helpful information for anyone responsible for managing ash trees and highlights specific policy and resources relevant to Scotland.

New demarcated areas for Phytophthora pluvialis

Two new Demarcated Areas for Phytophthora pluvialis came into force at midday on the 19th of July 2022. These are Area No. 2 in Highland and Area No. 3 in Argyll and Bute. Demarcated Area Notice No. 2 revokes and replaces Demarcated Area Notice No. 1 which was issued on 8 December 2021.