The Plant Health Centre partners with Lauriston Agroecology Farm

A new partnership between the PHC and Lauriston Farm in Edinburgh will increase biosecurity in the farm through workshops, resources and protocols.

No breeding population of Ips typographus found around port of Grangemouth

Surveys carried out by Scottish Forestry and Forest Research in the woodlands surrounding the port of Grangemouth have revealed no evidence of a wider breeding population of Ips typographus.

New funding available for plant health innovations

A new fund is available for UK biosecurity. The Small Business Research Initiative: Plant Health Innovations for Biosecurity is now open for applicants. Deadline 20th December 2023

Invasive Bark Beetle Detected in Scotland, Officials Believe it's an Isolated Case

In a significant development for Scotland's forestry industry, a solitary Ips typographus, commonly known as the Spruce Bark Beetle, was found in a trap within a Fife woodland as part of a new surveillance program by Scottish Forestry.

Border Target Operating Model launched

The UK Government has published a new Border Target Operating Model (29th August 2023), setting out new controls to create a world-class border system based on smarter use of data and technology. The model has been developed in collaboration with the Scottish and Welsh Governments to implement a coherent approach.

Colorado potato beetle larvae confirmed in Kent

Defra and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on the 11th of July 2023 confirmed the identification of Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) in a field in Kent.
APHA are working closely with the affected grower to eradicate the pest from the site, including performing a 1km survey to determine whether there are further cases beyond the immediately infested area.

UK International Action Plan for Plant health Published

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has just published a policy paper: United Kingdom international action plan for plant health, developed by the UK Plant Health Service.

Action Oak Annual Report 22-23 Published

Action Oak has published it's 22-23 Annual Report (link to the report in the news article).

We are hiring! Plant Health Communications Officer

We are hiring a Plant Health Communications Officer (through Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh) to help coordinate our Knowledge Exchange and Impact activities. Role is part time, with hybrid working as an option. Deadline of 15th May.

UK Government publishes draft Border Target Operating Model (BTOM)

A new draft of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) has been published by the UK Government, along with an online survey for feedback.