David Kenyon

Image of David Kenyon
Head of Diagnostics, Wildlife and Molecular Biology

Following my PhD in Plant Pathology from Strathclyde University I joined and subsequently managed the seed and broad-leaved pathology team at NIAB, Cambridge. I moved to become the  head of Diagnostics, Wildlife and Molecular Biology at SASA in 2009. My team lead on the development of novel diagnostic methods for the detection of plant pests and pathogens and their application in the routine surveillance programs or the study disease development in the environment; the use of molecular methods in wildlife crime forensics; and advice on wildlife monitoring and management. I represent the Scottish Government on the EPPO coordinated Euphresco consortium which coordinates plant health research at a European level and has led over the last seven years to involvement in over 25 collaborative projects with partners across Europe. This includes leading PHYLIB and PHYLIB II projects on Liberibacter solanacearum and XFVector on the X. fastidiosa vector species. I also manage a number of contract research projects for commercial companies developing novel disease control strategies for potato pathogens.