Kairsty Topp



Project Lead: Kairsty Topp
Upcoming major changes to agricultural policies in Scotland could have significant impacts on crop health (and by extension, crop yields). There is an urgent need, before the agricultural policy reforms are finalised, to review options and identify those that maximise plant health benefits, and those where risks to plant health might be enhanced, in order to consider any mitigations or best practice recommendations that could be put in place.

This project will: (i) Review the evidence (including the scientific and grey literature and existing data) to identify the plant health impacts of the proposed measures within agricultural reform, with reference to Scotland’s key crops and the likely uptake of measures; (ii) Identify potential regulatory options (statutory, basic or enhanced) that could pose an emerging risk for plant health and biosecurity in the context of likely uptake of measures; (iii) Hold a stakeholder workshop to co-design best practices guidance to mitigate plant health risk whilst delivering biodiversity, climate and wider environmental goals and (iv) raise awareness of plant health risks associated with the proposed measures and disseminate best practice guidance to mitigate risk.

Image by Freddy from Pixabay