Ian Toth introduces the Plant Health Centre to international experts

Ian Toth introduces the Plant Health Centre to international experts during a visit to the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) in Boston, USA from 31st July -3rd August 2018.

Ian Toth updates the Pre-Basic Growers Association on the Plant Health Centre

Scotland's high health potato seed industry is central to the £4 billion potato industry in the UK. During a meeting that introduced aspects of new and ongoing potato research to the high health seed growers.

Prof Ian Toth speaks about the Plant Health Centre at Fruit for the Future

Fruit for the Future is one of the James Hutton Institute’s most successful and long-running industry events and is aimed at farmers, agronomists, representatives of the food and drink industries, scientists and others interested in soft fruit.

Plant Health Centre: Helping keep Scotland's plants safe

Read about the Plant Health Centre in Farming Scotland Magazine.

A new Scottish Government Plant Health Centre of Expertise aims to help Scotland deal with threats from pests and diseases to plants across forestry, horticulture, environment and agriculture.

Prof Fiona Burnett introduces the Plant Health Centre at Cereals in Practice

The Plant Health Centre and plant health matters got a good airing at the Cereals in Practice event at Saphock Farm in Aberdeenshire - held on the 5th July, with 128 attendees plus a strong complement of supporting staff from JHI and SRUC.

The Plant Health Centre at the Royal Highland Show

Plant Health Centre stand at the Royal Highland Show attracted lots of interest from all walks of life from politicians to school kids.

Prof Ian Toth meets the team at Beechgrove Garden

A big thank you for the warm welcome received from Jim McColl and the team at the Beechgrove Garden. It was a great chance to remind people to think twice before bringing plant material into Scotland.

A One-stop Shop Helping Safeguard Scotland Against Plant Health Threats

We are pleased that Professor Ian Toth, Head of the Plant Health Centre, is able to tell us more about this new virtual centre and why working together is crucial for enhancing Scotland's resilience in the face of threats to arable crops, trees, horticulture, and wild plants.

Prof Ian Toth speaks about the Plant Health Centre and Royal Highland Show

Prof Ian Toth speaking about the Plant Health Centre in a video interview with Rural Matters SG. Plants play essential roles in our daily lives, however, the potential for harm from pests and diseases is ever present. The Plant Health Centre will be at this year’s Royal Highland Show at the James Hutton Institute stand.

Getting together to fight plant health problems

Dr Stephen Cavers represents the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) on Scotland’s new Plant Health Centre – he explains more about the centre’s background and aims...